The Pellotron is a customizable/configurable/foldable wooden case recreation of the famous 1960's tape loop keyboard for modern musicians who want to play and tour using 21st century mellotron sample libraries and emulation software without the bulk, weight and upkeep of a vintage keyboard. Custom orders with a variety of available MIDI-controllers and control plates are available, for use with computers, notebooks or iPads/iPhones using commercially-available sample and/or emulation software. Case and/or bag options for transport and storage are also available.

Pellotron Road Case
Pellotron #3, my first case built to strict 1960's spec dimensions and case color, has just been upgraded with lighter hardware and hinges to fold up easily and assemble with only 6 screws. The MIDI controller is an Arturia AnalogLab 49 with keys physically shifted for the classic 35-key range. The control plate actually has some function: besides incorporating the AnalogLab's octave/transpose buttons (for octave and transpose functionality to shift the tuning to correct A440), the Pellotron control panel Bank and Pitch buttons also function (to a point), providing more live performance control. When disassembled, this unit can fit into the lightweight Pellotron road case (pictured far right), or (and currently) most of the case fits into a Gator LCD bag, with the top and electronics shelf protected snugly in a carpeted DJ case. This unit's cosmetics will be touched up and it is available for sale as of February 2024.

Along with Pellotron #3 (center), I am completing the prototypes for my two basic models. On the left is the Full Monty, with 35 vintage-correct key range, built around either an iRig Pro with physically-transposed keys (note the exposed Pitch and Expression wheels) and a dummyt Pellotron control panel (to be completed) or an Arturia AnalogLab or KeyLab (or similar controller) with extra keys removed to match the 35-key range (no accessible Pitch or Expression wheels). The second model is the Basic Shell (right), which can accomodate most any currently available 49-key controller (including Arturia KeyLab, M-Audio, Samson - their white one is pictured here - and others). White controllers look best, but as the audience really only sees the sides and back of the case, a few extra keys and controls actually enhances the usefulness of this MIDI controller while honoring the 1960's legacy.

NOTE: As each case is hand-made, further customization is possible, including custom colors, upgraded wood and stain/finish options, and even a 61-key version with a 2" wider case. I can even build a foldable case/base to fit the modern Digital Mellotron M4000D and M4000D Mini, giving them the classic case look with modern digital tech and portability. Call or email to discuss.

Musician/luthier/builder Joel Pelletier has been designing, building and touring with these units since 2012,
and is accepting custom orders. Email or call 818-373-7511 to discuss.

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Last updated 20 February 2024

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